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Masters Hall of Fame Wing

For decades the Metropolitan LWC and now the NY WSO have recognized member achievements of the highest levels. Individuals listed in our Hall of Fame have performed feats in the sport that sets them apart from others such as competing in the Olympic Games, winning world championships, or contributing to the sport across their career and lifetime on a level that merits recognition.

On Sunday, March 26th the NY WSO Board voted in favor of adding a Masters Wing to the Hall of Fame. This section will recognize members, past and present, who have been inducted into the USA Masters, IWF Masters, and Masters Pan Am HOFs as athletes and significant contributors.

Going forward, individuals from the NY WSO who have been inducted into the USA Masters, IWF Masters, or Masters Pan Am Hall of Fames will receive an automatic nomination into the NY WSO Masters HOF – induction will be decided by a board vote.

Congratulations to Karyn Marshall, Linda Jo Belsito, Stan Bailey, Harrison Skeete, Arnold Khalfin, Gonzalo Gonzalez, Thomas Hughes, Bill Deni, Joe Triolo, and Murray Levin on their induction into the Masters Wing of the NY WSO Hall of Fame!

Click here to view the NY WSO Hall of Fame.

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