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Photo Courtesy of Will Johnson.

State Records

In order to be eligible to set a New York State record an athlete must reside in the NY WSO and be a member of the NY WSO for a minimum of four months and have a minimum of four months residency in the USA at the time the record lift(s) were made - both criteria to apply simultaneously.


Records may be set at any USA Weightlifting National meet (including Masters), International meet, or meet held in the WSO. They may not be set at a WSO-level meet outside of the NY WSO. In alignment with USAW and the IWF, lifts done in online competitions are not eligible for record consideration.

Click here to apply for a record.

State Meet Records

These records can only be made or broken at the annual New York State Championship meet.

1998 to 2018

On July 5, 2018, the International Weightlifting Federation's executive board voted to change the bodyweight categories for the sport of weightlifting to the ones we currently use today. Records set in New York State from 1998 to 2018 in the old weight classes are preserved here.

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