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2023 National Championships Week

National Championships week has been well underway starting on Saturday, June 24th and will conclude tomorrow Sunday, July 2nd. Many athletes and coaches from the NY WSO traveled to Colorado Springs, Colorado to compete in this event.

Youth Nationals: Alejandro Rivera, Cole Walsh, Dillan Palma, Greyson Kriner, Jacob Trunzo, Mateo Zikoyanis, Nathan Combs, Nia Black, Oliver Combs, Reagan Frommer, Santiago Saavedra, Stella Reyes, Stephen Combs, Trever Weeden, and Viviana Smith.

Junior Nationals: Lawrence Mintz.

U23 Nationals: Cooper Johnson, Jacob Senate, Jared Bushaw, Jasmine Nautel, John Jaeger, Lucie Gehringer, and Natalie Hart.

U25 Nationals: Amelia Dunn, Cooper Johnson, Helen Filosa, Jack Buis, James Battaglia, John Papielion, Joshua Cruz, Karlee Strong, Lucie Gehringer, and Ronnie Clark.

Senior Nationals: Alicia DiSpaltro, Analise Kirby, Dean Otsuka, Emily Sallome, Gwen Proper, Jean Laguerre, Jessica Rodriguez, Juliana Riotto, Michael Mo, Michael Pizzonia, Ryan Walsh, and Teddy Perez.

Congratulations to those who have lifted already on reaching this level of competition, to those who have earned medals or set records, and good luck again to those still waiting to lift!

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