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Women's Coaching Development Update

Photo Courtesy of Will Johnson, Barbell Stories

Earlier this year Adriana Ancilleri, Asema Sadykova, Kelsey McCormack, and Michelle Woogen were selected as winners of our 2023 Women’s Coaching Development scholarships.

We’re happy to report that these individuals have made great progress in their coaching journeys by either registering for a USAW coaching course or completing one. Asema is scheduled to take her Level 1 on August 26th & 27th. Kelsey will be taking her Level 2 on November 11th & 12th.

Adriana had this to say after taking her Level 1: “By earning the USAW Level 1 coaching certification scholarship and by taking the course I have learned valuable knowledge in weightlifting techniques, safety protocols, and Olympic-style movements. Additionally, the course has aided me in my goal of creating an Olympic weightlifting team at NYIT by teaching me how to work with athletes of various skill levels and coaching them to maximize their athletic abilities.”

Here are some words from Michelle after completing her Level 1: “As the recipient of one of the Women’s Coaching Scholarships, I had an absolute blast completing my Level 1 course! The information was truly invaluable, and it was so nice being afforded the opportunity to practice the techniques in front of such a well-trained instructor. I left the course having made some wonderful connections with my cohort and feeling eager to sign up for my Level 2! I am so grateful to the NYS WSO and can’t wait to see what’s next for me and this sport.”

Great job, coaches!

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