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North American Open Series 1

Updated: Feb 10

The National University Championships and North American Open Series 1 will be taking place in Columbus, Ohio from February 29th to March 3rd at the Arnold Sports Festival.⁣

We have so many incredible athletes from our community lifting at these events. We look forward to see them lifting well on the competition platform and wish them good luck!⁣

A livestream of the event can be found at⁣

⁣National University Championships: Christopher Beattie, Connor Lacey, Daniel Kozersky, Lucie Gehringer, Natalie Hart, Sahil Gupta, Tyler Bergman, and Zoe Pasetsky⁣.

North American Open Series 1: Adam Gordon, Adam Sagun, Alicia DiSpaltro, Alyssa Garrison, Amara Cisse, Amber Verweij, Amy Schultheis, Amy Stumvoll, Anna Oberkircher, Anne Herrick, Anthony Lykke, Arielle Rutledge, Arkadiy Makaron, Assem Sadykova, Ben Quachtran, Brooke Shinski, Celia Ricci, Edward Kwok, Emily Persons, Emily Riordan, Erica Caso, Eunsoo Han, Evan Walker, Fen Dunn, Gregg Decker, Gwen Proper, Haley Maisonet, Holly Crane, Jacob Werner, Jean Beattie, Jean Laguerre, Jennifer Spafford, Jessica Rodriguez, Juliana Riotto, Justin Barber, Kaixi Zou, Katy Margison, Mark Lado, Mauro Olmedo, Michelle Woogen, Miguel Porter, Morgan Beattie, Mostafa Ibrahim, Nadezda Likhacheva, Olivia Piacentini, Owen Putman, Paige Wiersema, Renee Mihail, Ryan Hansen, Shaaf Syed, Shannon Chalich, Tara Mackey, Taylor Payne, Teresa Ober, Timothy Luistro, Tyler Lilly, Victor Huang, and Wei-lin Eng.⁣

Adaptive North American Open Series 1: Thomas Smalley.

Good luck, everyone!!

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