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2024 Masters National Championships

The Masters National Championships will take place from Thursday, March 21st to Sunday, March 24th in Reno, Nevada. We look forward to seeing all of our amazing Masters athletes in the New York WSO setting records, standing on the podium, and accomplishing their personal goals.

Adanze Asante, Alba Fortuna, Amanda Cann, Amy West, Carl Nelson, Catherine Galli, Daniel Kunitz, Elizabeth Wipff, Jennifer Nelson, Katherine Hejtmanek, Lan Nguyen, Marie Averion, Martin Palma, Michael Law, Michelle Woogen, Nicholas Lee, Rena Eleazar, Sara Soto, Scott Baxter, Stella Ladao, Taylor McRae, and William McClure.

Please let us know if anyone is missing and the listing will be updated ASAP.

Be sure to tag us in your lifting videos so we can celebrate your lifting.

Good luck, everyone!

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