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2023 American Open Finals: Good Luck!

Good luck to all the outstanding NY WSO athletes listed below who’ll be lifting at the 2023 American Open Finals held from Thursday, Dec. 7 to Sunday, Dec. 10 in Wilmington, North Carolina. Keep training hard, we look forward to seeing all of you do well on the competition platform!

Ajeet Seenivasan, Alba Fortuna, Albert Chun, Alexandria Zikoyanis, Amanda Cann, Christian Tsakanikas, Danika Lorenzo, Emily Kessler-Lewis, Gwen Proper, Jack Buis, Jacob Lynch, Jason Ryu, Jean Laguerre, Jessica Rodriguez, Justin Barber, Karlee Strong, Kimmy Fung, Laura Dionisio, Lucas Zelehowsky, Lucille Murphy, Martin Palma, Mateo Zikoyanis, Michael Sin, Michelle Woogen, Morgan Beattie, Natalie Hart, Nia Black, Nicholas Lee, Olivia Piacentini, Riki Napiorkowski, Ross Twanmoh, Ryan Hansen, Ryan Walsh, Sara Soto, Steven Marcus, Tatiana Nikitina, Tacora Beasley, and William Palumbo.

Good luck, everyone!⁣

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