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John Davis

John Davis burst upon the international weightlifting scene in 1938, at the age of 17. Appearing at the World Championships in Vienna that year, in the light heavyweight division, Davis became the youngest athlete ever to win a world weightlifting championship. And he broke the world record in the total on the same occasion (amply demonstrating that his victory was no fluke).

Thus began an international weightlifting career during which Davis was undefeated internationally for 15 years! Over the course of those years, John won the US Nationals 12 times, set numerous world records, won 6 World Championships and 2 Olympic Games.

Considered the World’s Strongest Man in his era, he could have easily defended the title, as he was almost as outstanding in feats of deadlifting, squatting and many other strength tests as he was in performing the classic Olympic-style lifts.

Written by Artie Drechsler

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